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We Are Wired for Love & Connection

Couple in LoveWhat makes life most rich isn’t a measure of how much you have, but how much you love. It’s a truth that’s been advanced by spirituality and now a powerful assertion being affirmed by more brain science research. We are essentially social creatures that thrive on love and connection. Love is a universal need that transcends humanity; the drive for social connection is a core feature of the human experience!

Brain science reveals a powerful finding—love and connection are essential for your brain to function, just as much are blood and oxygen. While human biology requires food and water for survival; the power of love and the yearning for connection are equally as vital for life. And it’s not just romantic love! Whether it’s the cherished  love that comes from being with your partner, family, friends, or even your pet; love and connection are what fundamentally enrich your life. Love is the wealth we most seek for a happy and health life! Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day. Learn more about the brain science behind love.

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