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Battling Our Epidemic of Emptiness

When the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Murthy, was asked what is the greatest health crisis of our time, he responded without hesitation, “It’s not cancer. It’s not heart disease. It’s isolation. It is the pronounced isolation that so many people are experiencing that is the great pathology of our lives today.” There exists a silent and growing epidemic lurking in our society; one that poses a greater risk for illness and mortality than smoking, obesity, and addiction. It is the illness of loneliness and the epidemic of emptiness. The news is even worse for Gen Z (those between 18-22) who report being the loneliest of all Americans. But there’s hope! Studies reveal that engaging in communal activities, doing volunteer work, and feeling a sense of purpose in life are all powerful ways to combat the epidemic of emptiness and boost resilience and happiness. Read more here. 

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