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How Stress Affects Your Brain

stress in the city2Stress—we just can’t seem to get rid of it. From the perspective of evolution, your body’s stress-response system became a powerful strategy to promote survival of the species. Feeling stress and panic when you were being chased by a hungry predator or when you’re trying to avoid being hit by a car is a good thing! The problem we face in today’s world is learning to differentiate between “real” vs “perceived” situation of stress that actually threatens your survival. Here’s an example—about to be bitten by a poisonous snake while hiking is “real” stress; driving through rush hour while trying to catch a flight is “perceived” stress. The former could be fatal; the latter is just an inconvenience. The challenge is that many of us run on chronic stress from situations that really aren’t life-threatening…and your health and happiness pay the price. Enjoy this great video on “How Stress Affects Your Brain” 

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