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The Science Behind Social Connection

You all know that eating the right foods, enjoying a goodnight’s sleep, and getting moderate exercise promote wellbeing and longevity. There’s something else every human requires for optimal health and happiness that is often ignored in today’s world—social connection! Humans are fundamentally social beings with brains that evolved for social solidarity as a strategy for survival. Yet, we are living in a time of “social bankruptcy” — a society driven by psychological debt where feelings of loneliness and despair are alarmingly on the rise. As former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Murthy states, “The greatest health crisis of our generation is the illness of isolation.” Recent studies indicate that enjoying strong social connections increase your chance for longevity as much as 50%. So the next time you watch a movie together as a family, catch up with a friend over coffee in realtime, or celebrate those special moments with your loved ones, you’re doing more than just having a good time—you’re boosting your health and living longer! Learn more…

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