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Your Mom’s Happiness Determines Your Future Happiness

Happy family in the parkWishing your mom a “Happy Mother’s Day” is a greeting she’ll enjoy more than just one day of the year. It turns out a happy mom just might be the key to your own happiness. That’s precisely what a recent study from the UK seems to indicate—if you want to enjoy a lifetime of happiness, make sure your mom is happy. More precisely, the findings suggest that the level of happiness mother’s experience with her partner influences the future happiness of her children.

According to the article Mom’s Happiness Influences Adolescent Happiness, “In families where the mother is unhappy in her partnership, only 55 percent of young people said they are ‘completely happy’ with their family situation compared with 73 percent of young people whose mothers are ‘perfectly happy’ in their relationships.”

Perhaps the biggest revelation from this pioneering study is that when growing up, it’s your mom’s level of happiness—more so than your dad’s—that has the larger influence on your happiness in life. I guess we have yet another reason to be grateful for our mom’s this Mother’s Day. A happy mom is the key to your happy life.



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