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In a Crisis, We Become a Tribe

Hurricane HarveyIf there’s one powerful lesson that the tragic events unfolding from Hurricane Harvey teach us, it is this: When Mother Nature shows Her worst, humanity shines at its very best! Despite the hatred, divisiveness, and polarizing politics that we’ve witnessed the past few months in America, there exists a primal drive in times of crisis to become a tribe. Tribe is an evolutionary product of our social brain—the fundamental idea that the human brain evolved to become a social organ. that was the key to organizing into tribes for the sake of survival, sustenance, and safety. Tribe is the bravery of neighbors risking their own lives to assure the safety of others; the mercy behind Houston mosques becoming 24-hr shelters for victims regardless of faith; a mattress store opening its doors for people to sleep; and the universal stripping away of race, religion, politics, and class. Why does this happen? Compassion knows no labels. In a crisis, everyone suffers in the same way. This video beautifully captures the essence of the America that we all know and love—a nation built upon resilience and reserve, heart and heroism. Hurricane Harvey reminds us of the one tribe we call Humanity!

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