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Gratitude Exercise for a Happy Brain

“If You Want To Get Happy, Practice Gratitude!” In the “Happiness” course I teach ay my university, I have students perform a variety of “gratitude-building” exercises throughout the semester. Here’s one simple and easy-to-use gratitude tool that you can incorporate into your daily regimen. Bring to mind three people—alive or deceased—whom you are genuinely grateful for in your life. They don’t have to be the same people every day you do this. They don’t even have to be people. You can think of a pet, the one you have now or the one you loved as a child. The important thing is that you do this exercise the first thing when you wake up! Envision each person in your mind for about 10-15 seconds, and send either a verbal or silent affirmation expressing why that person—or dog or cat—mattered to you. The other important thing is to not only engage your thoughts, but the feeling of gratitude. You’ll be surprised by how much this simple exercise will brighten your day and help you enjoy the many benefits of a Happy Brain. Enjoy our video to learn more!


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