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We integrate the latest scientific research on happiness for generating success to:

  • Determine your H-Force™ Index, a proprietary tool for determining the best strategies for unleashing your workforce’s full potential
  • Link employee happiness with organizational success
  • Enhance your SX Appeal™, our method for boosting your brand internally and externally
  • Use happiness to differentiate you from the competition and create more satisfied employees and customers
  • Position your company for breakthrough innovation and success


We’ll tailor topics that ignite relationships with customers and teams to:

  • Boost employee engagement and morale with the science of happiness
  • Transform your business with the fundamentals of the “social brain”
  • Create enthusiastic “brand tribes”
  • Don’t let stress sabotage success, overcoming five common roadblocks
  • Harness the power of positive thinking for more effective leadership
  • Use brain science to enhance the consumer experience


One of our “Chief Happiness Officers” will train your team to take advantage of the latest neurocognitve techniques to:

  • Go from stress to success in 60 days
  • Align individual purpose and passion with organizational priorities
  • Create long-lasting relationships using the fundamentals of brain science
  • Enhance your communications and marketing effectiveness
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