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Brains of Friends Act Alike

A new, remarkable study puts a twist on the phrase “Great minds think alike.” It should really say, “Great brains fire alike.” And that’s exactly what appears to happen in the brains of people who are best friends.

More precisely, the closer the friends are the more alike is the brain activity in regions that govern emotion, reasoning, and attention. What that means is that we tend to become best friends with those that process the world in powerfully similar ways. As the lead researcher of the study aptly states, “You can predict who people are friends with just by looking at how their brains respond.”

So, if you’ve ever wondered why you and your best friend share the same sense of humor or the same outlook on life, it might just have to do with how similarly your brains view the world. I guess the old adage “Birds of feather flock together” should really be “Brains of friends fire together.” Read more…

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