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How Your Brain Hijacks Happiness

Frightened and stressed young business woman biting her fingers, high angle

I always find it ironic how so many of us are on the quest to achieve happiness, yet we engage in actions and behaviors that unwittingly sabotage it. Well, it turns out your brain might have something to do with why that is. To be more precise, it’s the primal part of our brain—what I refer to as our “Stone-Age Tribe” brain—that evolved to view the world through the lens of survival. As a result, if you’re going through life operating out of strife, scarcity, and struggle, this can ultimately hijack your abundance, resilience, and longevity.

Enjoy listening to my latest media appearance on Doug Stephan’s Your Hidden Power podcast, as I discuss strategies from my upcoming book “The Science of a Happy Brain” for you to overcome these “happiness hijacks” in your life. Listen to podcast here!

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