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Becoming a Dad Changes Your Brain

Dad playing with kidBecoming a father does more than change your life, it also changes your brain. Parenting definitely transforms you, but more studies indicate that something very interesting happens in the brain when a man becomes a dad. Here’s why:

1. Fatherhood reshapes the brain to let it become more attuned for emotional, social, and cognitive interaction with kids.

2. We all know that pregnancy changes a woman’s hormones, but the same holds true for new dads. Being a father elevates levels of oxytocin—the nurturing and bonding hormone that allows for more empathy and caring.

3. Dad’s brains develop more neurons in regions of the brain that govern memory and spatial recognition—probably to keep a “mental map” of where his kids are.

4. Brains of new dads become more sensitive to a child’s voice and facial recognitions.

As we celebrate Father’s Day and honor all the amazing dads in our life, enjoy learning more how Fatherhood Changes a Man’s Brain.

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