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Cutting-Edge Scientific Research Meets Ancient Spiritual Wisdom to Reveal Proven Strategies for Your Happy Brain, a Happy Life & Happy World

Science of a Happy Brain brings up several issues that both plague our society and provide hope for the future. In our modern society, which seemingly provides everything that one would believe one needs, isolation and despair seem to rule. Dr. Jay Kumar gives some tantalizing thoughts, based on novel science results, and makes the case that our happy brains might be the answer to both personal and societal issues that seem too complex to tackle.”

Deepak Chopra MD, FACP, is a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation, and has published a large number of books, many of them NY Times Bestsellers.

BIO – Jay Kumar, Ph.D. (Your Happiness Professor) is author of Science of a Happy Brain and a pioneer in the field of brain science, behavioral health, and happiness. Dr. Jay is a renowned public speaker and thought leader, whose expertise spans brain science and behavioral health; economics, politics, culture, and religion. He also holds a master’s degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University in international political economy. In 2015 Dr. Jay co-founded the Applied Brain Science Research Institute (ABSRI)—an international organization that explores the dynamic intersection of science, spirituality, and society in order to advance solutions for critical issues facing our contemporary and complex world. He is also the author of Brain, Body & Being and professor of the popular “Happiness” course at Chapman University.

Synopsis of Science of a Happy Brain – What is happiness? Is happiness even realistic for you to achieve in today’s world where the afflictions of anger, anxiety, and addiction are on the rise? It’s the fundamental question Dr. Jay Kumar (Your Happiness Professor) yearned to discover in the wake of a life-transforming family tragedy as a young adult that led him to the halls of academia and holy ashrams to explore the science and spirituality of happiness. Science of a Happy Brain is adapted upon actual lessons from Dr. Jay’s popular university Happiness course that he has been co-teaching for the past seven years. From Millennials struggling with anxiety to Wall Street millionaires overcoming addiction, from veterans coping with PTSD to parents struggling to raise children hooked on technology, Science of a Happy Brain guides you on a personalized strategy for building a Happy Brain—for you and your loved ones.

Science of a Happy Brain uncovers a long-forgotten aspect of our core humanity by exposing a shared element of human biology—your Social Brain. More research in brain science points to one undeniable truth—to socialize is to survive, to tribe is to thrive. Your happiness demands tribe. Creating tribe in your life creates balance, longevity, and resilience—the foundation required for generating a Happy Brain—for yourself and society. Only recently has science affirmed what religions knew all along—you are a social being with a social brain that is nourished and strengthened by community and connection. But the marvels of our Age of Digitalization can unwittingly bring you into the malaise of our Age of Disconnection, which presently sabotages your health, weakens our society, and hijacks your Happy Brain.

Science of a Happy Brain is a social commentary whose time has come that speaks to a world in crisis, a nation in a happiness deficit, and a society discovering where its real happiness resides. It is a powerful work vital for the crossroads at which society finds itself by presenting a platform for public discourse to explore today’s crucial social, cultural, and health issues. It reveals how you can achieve a Happy Brain by learning to experience happiness the way your brain evolved—biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually. A Happy Brain creates happy people. Happy people make a happy world. Now more than ever, the future needs you. Happy.

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